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 Ninja Saga Cheats // Damage, Missions Hack

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PostSubject: Ninja Saga Cheats // Damage, Missions Hack   Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:27 pm

[color:b7fe=orange]Credits: VT|*Moderator~
Untuk Fiddler & SWF Cari Di Mbah GOOGLE

Note: Feel free to use all 3 cheats together or separately. It is not compulsory to download all 3 files, but of cause using all 3 together is the best.

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:

* Download all 3 files from the links above. You should have "data_library_en.swf", "mission.swf" and "mission_139.swf" after downloading all 3.
* Fiddler2 (Read the Tool's Tutorial if you do not know how to replace the files)
* Chrome/Firefox (Always remember to clear browser cache if files are not replaced)


1. Download all 3 files above.
2. Open Fiddler.
3. Go to Autoresponder and ensure both 'Enable Automatic.. ' and 'Permit pass...' are ticked
4. Click ADD.
5. A 'String To Match' will appear, change it to REGEX:(?insx)^.*mission\.swf$
6. Click on the ▼ button beside the Save and select 'File a file'
7. Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select 'mission.swf'
8. Click SAVE
9. Click ADD again.
10. A 'String To Match' will appear, change it to REGEX:(?insx)^.*mission_139\.swf$
11. Click on the ▼ button beside the Save. And select 'File a file'
12. Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select 'mission_139.swf'
13. Click SAVE.
14. Click ADD one last time.
15. A 'String To Match' will appear, change it to REGEX:(?insx).*data_library_en\.swf$
16. Click on the ▼ button beside the Save. And select 'File a file'
17. Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select 'data_library_en.swf'
18. Click SAVE.
19. Now your rule editor should look like this.

20. Clear browser cache and reload/enter Ninja Saga.
21. Go to Jutsu and ensure Amaterasu is equipped.
22. Tested & Working at at 29 June 2010.

Tagged: Ninja Saga Cheats, Ninja Saga Hacks

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Downlod Video Special Mission:
Downlod Video Unlock All Mission:

Downlod Video Amaterasu sKill:
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Ninja Saga Cheats // Damage, Missions Hack
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